Customized Vehicle Communication and Location Monitoring Solutions

AAT has developed and integrated Camera solutions to monitor drivers and conditions around the vehicle. Our Camera solutions will either upload screenshots in real-time, send data based on objects detected in video in real-time, or upload the complete video of the vehicle trip once the vehicle returns to it's base.

AAT Wifi Video Upload

In this solution cameras continually upload video and upload the footage when the vehicles return to base via a WiF. 

 All footage automatically gets uploaded to be viewed through the AAT system. 

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AAT Real-Time Screen-SHots

This solution is for managers who want to get a view of what is happening in and around the vehicle in Real-Time, but do not need all the video footage to be uploaded from the camera automatically.     

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Dash Cam

If none of the data needs to be uploaded or sent, then this version simply records video and the footage stays in the camera's internal memory.

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AAT Mobile Applications

AAT has developed applications in iOS , Android, and specifically for GARMIN to run our camera software on almost any hardware to take photos and continuously upload or save the images taken from within or around the vehicle.

AAT Camera Video Live View

AAT's Cameras all connect and interact with our coinciding App that connects to the cameras and provides a live view of the camera and allows the User to download the video footage or photos to their mobile device or in-vehicle tablet.

AAT Camera Application

Set up your mobile device to take snapshots at any interval and then select to simply save or upload them to our server in Real-Time.

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In order to get an accurate quote, please provide us with a vehicle/asset list of what you would like to equip and monitor. If there are any other factors you would like to monitor on certain vehicles, such as driver ID or third-party hardware please do your best to provide that information as well.

Installation is very fast and simple whether our devices are hard-wired or plugged into the vehicle diagnostics. AAT has installation services available that can get about 100 devices installed in a few business days. Clients can choose to perform the installation themselves if they prefer and installation training is always free.

Yes. Our devices can transmit at any interval and can also be put on hold for periods as short as one month to indefinetly. Simply let your AAT representative know and the adjustments will be made.

Our Warranty for our hardware is usually 2 years and we'll address any hardware issues at no cost provided there is no physical tampering or damage. We have units in operation that were installed over 10 years ago. Typically we do not like to access vehicles once our hardware is installed. All updates are done over-the-air and when the vehicle is taken out of service the device can be moved into the next replacement vehicle.

Yes. We offer encryption options for the video we store and also for the data we transmit.

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