Customized Vehicle Communication
and Location Monitoring Solutions

Specialists in New Technology Design Providing GPS Hardware & AVL Software.
Helping to improve efficiency and create a back-up of all operations.

See the specific Markets AAT is involved in and has ready solutions for.

AAT Hardware Design

AAT designs its own hardware so that we can meet any custom requirement and to also be able to properly service our customers by having complete control of the solution we offer.

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AAT Software Design

AAT has a team of developers constantly adding new features and requests to the growing AAT system so that our clients have more tools available in order to simplify their duties and save time and money.
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Mobile App Development

AAT's in-house App development allows our solution to become Mobile so Users do not need to sit by their desk to view information, but instead be able to get alerts on the go through a custom application.
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Hardware Solutions

AAT continuously develops its hardware solutions that help monitor Assets.

GPS Hardware


AAT's vehicle communication and GPS module has been developed and updated every year since 2005. Satellite, Cellular, WiFi & Bluetooth versions are available

Non-Powered Asset Solutions

Internal battery and solar power solutions are avilable for trailers or any asset or vehicle that does not have its own battery source.

Lone-worker & Personal Safety Solutions

Portable hardware with built-in sensors are also avilable to be worn or carried to act as personal safety devices.
Additionally, this solution can be placed amongst any type of cargo or integrated with other light/temperature sensors.

Bluetooth & RFID Solutions

AAT develops its own tags and tag readers that can be connected to the AXON-Mini.
These solutions can help monitor smaller assets or be used to monitor and identify the drivers and passengers on-board

On-Board Cameras

AAT integrates with GARMIN camera solutions to send screen-shots and video feeds automatically
If faster video transfer solutions are needed AAT has it's own stand-alone camera system that works independantly or together with other AAT Hardware solutions and integrates with the AAT Web Portal to provide cloud storage and User-friendly reporting solutions

Integrating 3rd-Party Hardware

Whether through RS-232/serial or Bluetooth communication AAT has the ability to have its hardware exchange and transmit additional data.
Third-Party protocols can be implemented to send additional sensor and controller data.

  • Pavement & Air Temp. sensors
  • Material Spreader Integration
  • Water-Trash-Pump Integration
  • On-Board Camera Solutions
  • Benefits of Using an AVL/GPS System

    The AAT AXON Vehicle hardware and System software can help you to:

    AVL Reporting

    Increase Efficiency

    With Reports such as Vehicle Utilization Reports you can take a closer look at your Fleet operations and discover which vehicles are underutilized. This and decreased cell-phone air-time will have a great impact in helping to lower your operating costs

    Save Time

    Manage Your Fleet from anywhere, but more importantly, you no longer need to waste time following up on operations or digging through paperwork. Notifications and Alerts keep you aware in Real-Time.

    Create Greater Accountability

    Has a legal claim ever arisen? Let us help with the headache by providing all the data on what happened, where and who was there.

    Minimize Damage and Theft

    Whether it's Time theft or Asset theft, we have solutions that have you covered.

    Monitor Cargo or Asset Conditions on-board in Real-Time with our Asset Tags and alerting notifications.

    Why Choose AAT?

    AAT designs and manufactures all its own hardware and does not out-source. AAT designs all of its own software and mobile applications in order to have complete control and the ability to offer the best custom solution at the lowest price.

    Lowest Cost solution with the best Hardware & Software Platform.

    Ask anyone that has viewed or tried our solution and they will tell you we have the most advanced and intuitive solution

    Users are up and running in no time viewing vehicles past and present locations, running reports, setting up notifications, using mobile applications.

    • Custom in-house mobile application development team
    • In-house support via phone, email or live chat
    • In-house hardware development
    • In-house software development

    The advantage of Selecting a company that has designed their entire system vs a reseller

    Working with a company that has designed its own hardware and software solutions means no limitations.

    We can customize any feature or solution to meet your exact needs.

    Don't fall for the reusable hardware argument that in-experienced providers will try and sell you on because:

    • Almost every new provider will have a different piece of hardware they will want to use once you realize the big-box company you selected can't meet your needs.
    • By the time you switch, the hardware (that most inexperienced sellers would have sold you) would have become obsolete, whereas AAT uses the newest technology and keeps all aspects of our system current, giving our hardware an average shelf-life of more than 10 years.
    • The costs remain lower when working with an original equipment provider.
    • The service is faster and better.

    We aim to meet your specific needs

    AAT aims to resolve every business case scenario brought before us by providing a hardware or software solution that will help resolve any of our Clients' operational issues.

    We listen to our clients' dilemmas, go on-site to try to view and understand any issue at hand, and aim to do our best to resolve any operational obstacles.

    • If there is a third-party hardware or software platform to integrate with, we have the experience and capability to do so.
    • We experiment and develop new solutions to any problem at hand.
    • We enjoy working closely with clients to develop a solution that meets their needs

    Smaller Firms have a Faster turn-around

    AAT is able to run itself as a very fast and efficient ship. There is no bureacracy or red-tape to work-through.

    We have a very friendly and hard-working team that enjoys their work. We communicate effectively and have a great work platform in place

    • Quiet work-environment
    • No hierarchy. We work as a team.
    • Facilitation of communication that eliminates countless meetings
    • The client talks to one Project Manager in order to eliminate repetitivness and ensure responsibility

    Did we mention we're one of the lowest cost solutions on the market?

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    Contact Us

    Please fill-out the information below and we will do our best to reply to any questions you may have.

    In order to get an accurate quote, please provide us with a vehicle/asset list of what you would like to equip and monitor. If there are any other factors you would like to monitor on certain vehicles, such as driver ID or third-party hardware please do your best to provide that information as well.

    Installation is very fast and simple whether our devices are hard-wired or plugged into the vehicle diagnostics. AAT has installation services available that can get about 100 devices installed in a few business days. Clients can choose to perform the installation themselves if they prefer and installation training is always free.

    Yes. Our devices can transmit at any interval and can also be put on hold for periods as short as one month to indefinetly. Simply let your AAT representative know and the adjustments will be made.

    Our Warranty for our hardware is usually 2 years and we'll address any hardware issues at no cost provided there is no physical tampering or damage. We have units in operation that were installed over 10 years ago. Typically we do not like to access vehicles once our hardware is installed. All updates are done over-the-air and when the vehicle is taken out of service the device can be moved into the next replacement vehicle.

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